Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lothian 269 un-wrapped

Former Lothian Olympian 269 has been unwrapped of its Pleasure Beach vinyl advert applied in 2010 to reveal its maroon & white livery once more. However, it will not be for long because 269 is currently out of service for receipt of a new vinyl wrap for the Pleasure Beach's "Thrill-o-matic" ride, inspired by the much loved characters Wallace & Gromit. 269 will be joined by one of the MCW open top double deckers in a turquoise based scheme.
269 with its Pleasure Beach vinyl wrap removed.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Heritage Day a Success!

The loan of two LTT buses to Classic Bus North West on Saturday 25 May for its first Heritage Day proved to be quite a success. Blackpool 529 and Lytham 19 joined CBNW's own London Routemaster RM1568 on the 30-min Saturday service. This was the first working of a Blackpool PD3 on service 22 since back in 1988 when the type was withdrawn from service by Blackpool Transport. Many local passengers were surprised by the arrival of the vintage buses and enthusiasts, some travelling from as far south as London, enjoyed the heritage workings. Further heritage dates are now being discussed with CBNW.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Heritage Day Timetable

Blackpool 529, Lytham 19 and an iconic London Routemaster will be operating on Classic Bus North West's "Catch 22" service this Saturday on the first heritage day. Full details have now been published on the Catch 22 website.
See http://www.catch22bus.co.uk/heritage-day-25-may
The CBNW depot will also be open to visitors and will feature a display of CBNW and LTT owned buses. It will be the first time that a Blackpool PD3 has operated on service 22 for nearly 25 years, with the last PD3s being withdrawn from regular service in November 1988.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Welcome to the fleet 915

Another vehicle to join the CBNW fleet from the Stagecoach clan is Olympian 915 (P915RYO) which has just returned from respray into all-over red livery. 915 joins us from Stagecoach North West but it was acquired by Stagecoach from the Yorkshire Traction acquisition. Prior to this, 915 was new to London Central as NV115 as a dual-door vehicle in 1997.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Routemaster to Cleveleys

As a Bank Holiday weekend treat, Routemaster RML887 ventured out on Sea Front 12 on the Monday allowing a number of the usual output on our 12/22 services to be kept in for washing and maintenance. It was the first use of a Routemaster on the 2013 timetable and this photo records RML887's first journey as far north as Cleveleys; the 2012 service only operated as far north as Uncle Tom's Cabin.
RML887's first arrival at Cleveleys on Mon 6th May (photo: David Umpleby)

Dart 162 finally returns!

After over 6 months off the road, our Dart 162 finally returned to passenger service on 8th May. Unfortunately, 162 experienced a lot of mechanical and electrical problems from the start of its entry into service with us back in September 2012. It has required a replacement rear axle, electrical components including gearbox and "aladdin" brain boxes, a rewiring of the looms at the rear end of the bus and replacement brake parts. After gradually working through the issues over the last few months, and a lengthy spell at Ribblesdale Auto Electrics, the bus is finally earning its keep again!
162 posed at Mereside turning circle and not really going to "Royal Albert Hall" after finally returning to service following a four-month hibernation in the bus depot. (Photo: David Umpleby)