Sunday, 24 January 2016

Ribble throwback

This throwback to the 1970s shows a Bristol RE (like preserved 366 in the LTT collection) unloading passengers at Cleveleys Bus Station on long discontinued service 92. With the announcement that Stagecoach are closing Fleetwood depot on 02 April, the long legacy of Ribble's once extensive network in Fleetwood, Cleveleys, Thornton & Poulton will draw to a close. The news follows LCC's termination of contracts for supported services 74, 75, 86/89 and the evening/Sunday operation of service 84. This would only leave Stagecoach with the three bus daytime operation of service 84 which was reduced from 30-min to 40-min headway earlier this month. As a result the small garage at Fleetwood is no longer viable and drivers have been offered posts at Stagecoach's closest garage, Preston.

Friday, 22 January 2016

All change on the buses!

Following the termination of bus service contracts throughout the county by Lancashire County Council (LCC) as a result of budget cuts, Catch22Bus Ltd has registered a new service linking Poulton, Thornton & Cleveleys that will replace the worthwhile sections of existing services 74, 75, 84 & 87.

In addition, service 22 will be extended to Fleetwood to cover the northern sections of service 84, which has been de-registered by Stagecoach. We are now in discussion with various stakeholders about the service changes and will be introducing a consultation panel for bus users on our website.

The changes will be effective from Monday 4th April.