Sunday, 24 April 2016

Fleet Update - April 2016

Three ex-FirstGroup single decks have been acquired - Volvo B6s W812PFB & W813PFB, plus Alexander bodied Dennis Dart X475SCY.
Former Cardiff Darts 363/366/369 (W363VHB etc) have all entered service after the introduction of revised services on 04 April, with 366/369 usually to be found on new service 24 (Cleveleys-Thornton-Poulton).
Mini-Dart 145 (T145DAX) is currently away for a replacement engine to be fitted whilst sister 147 (T147DAX) is under repair after sustaining accident damage.

363 posed at Mereside with its new all-over advert for Fleetwood Freeport
Ex-First W812PFB following collection is captured leaving Bristol Temple Meads station.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Appeal Upheld

The Upper Tribunal has quashed a decision by the Senior Traffic Commissioner to revoke the licence of Catch22Bus Ltd, operators of local bus services in Blackpool, effective from 15 April.
The move follows the intervention of the Government Legal Team, acting on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport that proposed that a Consent Order is agreed between the parties to dispose of the proceedings, using Rule 39. 
Philip Higgs, Managing Director of Catch22Bus Ltd said that “This is good news for our 25 staff, our customers and the future development of the business”.