Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The No.1s travel in two by two...

The end of free concessionary travel on the trams to non-Blackpool passholders was destined to have unintended consequences that were not considered by the decision makers.
Rather than restrict supply to ensure that the tramway does not lose passengers as a result, Council-owned Blackpool Transport has instead increased output on service 1 from Starr Gate to Fleetwood on specific days by running upto 14 buses on the scheduled 20-min service.
The result? Tram operating costs stay the same but revenue reduces. Bus operating costs increase and reimbursement costs for concessionary travel increase for both Blackpool Council and Lancashire County Council. Maybe there is method in the madness, but this was not the intention of abolishing free travel on the trams...
From 08 June, the No.1 will increase from a 20-min to 15-min service.

Unscheduled duplication on service 1 to Fleetwood and even a conductor collecting fares - although in this case not a bus load between them. (Photo: David Hughes)
Two more No.1s together on South Promenade (Photo: David Hughes)