Thursday, 8 January 2015

New Year update

A further Dennis Dart will soon be joining the fleet, but this will be acquired direct from Cardiff Bus and is therefore already in our matching fleet colours; it is former Cardiff 186 (X186CTG). This vehicle now awaits collection and is expected to enter service with Catch22Bus straight away.
Cardiff Dart 186 prior to withdrawal and replacement by 10 new Enviro 200s. 186 now awaits collection from Cardiff Bus.
Former Cardiff Dart 147 already in the fleet has had some orange applied to the front end and may enter service otherwise in the old Cardiff turquoise and cream livery, but is expected to soon receive an all-over advert livery for a 6-month contract. Volvo B7TL no.139 is also expected to receive a vinyl-wrapped all-over advert prior to Easter but is presently still operating in its faded London red.
Volvo Olympian 325 (N325NHG) is now considered withdrawn. The future operation of step entrance buses is being considered.