Sunday, 23 August 2015

Summer Fleet News

After the heritage update, here is some summer fleet news...
Ex-Cardiff Dart 147 (T147DAX) has been sent away for a replacement engine and from there will go for respray into Catch22 fleet colours. Sister buses 144/145 may possibly be getting all-over adverts, which is the reason they are still operating in their Select of Swansea livery of all-over white.
319 was expected to receive an all-over wrap for the summer but for expediency has received side panel adverts for the Pleasure Beach "Hot Ice" and "Christian Farla" shows.
Ex-Diamond bus Dart 657 (V657HEC) retains blue livery but is likely to be repainted upon return of 147.
Ex-Stagecoach Trident 51 (LX51FNJ) entered service with us on 4th August after a lengthy period of Mot preparation (delayed by having to separate engine/gearbox due to leaking main oil seal). It is likely to retain London red for the foreseeable future with a few corporate hires booked that require a modern London red bus. Indeed, look out for 51 in a forthcoming advert for a new Santander phone app!
After an absence whilst some work was done on the bus off-site, stalwart Volvo B10M 898 (R898XVM) has returned to service after passing its MoT. Due to DDA regulations, 898 will no longer be used on stage carriage operations after 31 December. Other forthcoming withdrawals may include dual door Darts 143 (T143AUA) and 512 (X512UAT).
Cream liveried ex-Cardiff Dart 319, now with side panel adverts for Pleasure Beach shows.

Trident 51 on service 22 at Bispham roundabout (Photo: Alan Robson)