Thursday, 17 September 2015

Atlantean 334 goes to the Zoo

Another former Blackpool Corporation Transport vehicle made its debut on the heritage bus operated Service 21 this week. 1980 East Lancashire bodied Leyland Atlantean 334 (AHG 334V) made its first outing on the 21 to Blackpool Zoo on Tuesday, resplendent in full Blackpool green and cream livery as applied in 2007 following restoration by "the Busworks" in Blackpool. Atlantean 334, owned by the Lancastrian Transport Trust has been out of service since 2010.
Recently Catch22Bus, in partnership with LTT, has had the radiator replaced, the brakes fully overhauled and other work undertaken prior to being submitted for Class VI MoT at Preston.
334 on Adelaide Street in a scene so typical of 1980 when the bus was new to Blackpool. (Photo: Alan Robson)