Thursday, 31 January 2013

Another Twin arrives - meet Dart 143

A few postings ago, we highlighted the number of twins in the CBNW operating fleet. Well today we added another one! Former Metroline Dart DA143 joins its sister DA145, which itself joined our fleet back in November last year and will enter service after 1st February following its respray into CBNW all-red livery.
DA143 followed an identical career to 145. It was new to Armchair in May 1999 and operated in Brentford, initially in their orange & white livery until the company was acquired by Metroline in 2004. These Alexander bodied Darts had a relatively short operating life, being withdrawn for refurbishment for the 209 service but then placed in store and later returned off-lease in December 2010. DA143 passed to dealer Southdown PSV, was resprayed all-white and then sold onto Gardbus based at Ringwood near Bournemouth. It was put up for sale in December 2012 and CBNW agreed to purchase the vehicle, being collected today and driven up from Bournemouth.
143 in service with Gardbus and pictured at Ringwood in summer 2012
However, 143 is not the only addition to the fleet today - but the more exciting arrival can wait for another day....