Monday, 28 January 2013

Olympian 269 - part of the Royale family

269 in Edinburgh during its final summer of operation in its native city
CBNW has several examples of the successful Olympian chassis in our operating fleet, including former Lothian 269, a 33ft long Alexander bodied 'Royale' example. This vehicle was acquired through dealer Ensignbus but was selected and collected direct from Lothian Buses garage in Edinburgh. 269, along with other Royales, was withdrawn from Edinburgh service in June 2009 and passed to CBNW in December of the same year. Initially used solely on College contracts, our expansion of activities with "SeaFront 12" and "Catch22" has seen 269 back in active service and is popular with the drivers - mainly because of its excellent cab heater!
Summer 2012 and 269 is captured operating on SeaFront 12
The bus is earmarked for a new all-over advert or, failing that, CBNW fleet livery for the summer of 2013 which will refresh its appearance.