Monday, 24 February 2014

More attention for Darts

Darts 143, 162 & 163 are currently all receiving attention after being off-road since MoT expiry in September of last year. Darts 143 has been repaneled and treated to mechanical overhaul and will be the first bus to receive the new "Catch22" livery.
Darts 162 & 163, acquired from dealer Ensignbus in August 2012 for the start of service 22, have been particularly troublesome buses, with 162 plagued with electrical problems. For the last few weeks, 162 has been receiving attention at Hattons of St.Helens and hopefully the bus will soon rejoin the operational Blackpool fleet. It has not yet been decided whether 162 will get the new "Catch22" livery before it finally returns to service.
Dart 162 (V162MVX) following collection from Hattons after rewiring work.