Thursday, 19 February 2015

658 returns from respray

Dennis Dart MPD 658 returned from its quick-turnaround repaint yesterday and has received graphics and destination stickers for service 6. It is expected to enter service on "Sixes" on Friday 20th February, allowing Whittle liveried 468 to be taken off service for repanelling and repaint. Sister bus 466 is almost ready for collection and will arrive in Blackpool next week in Catch22Bus colours.
As Darts 657 & 658 are expected to be dedicated to Sixes, they will soon receive promotional route branding for the service.
Other Dart news is that X512UAT has been purchased off the leasing company and will return to service.
Former Diamond Bus but previously Blackburn Transport / Lancashire United Dennis Dart 658, now ready to enter service on "Sixes".