Friday, 27 February 2015

More Cardiff cousins join the fleet

Two further Dennis Darts have been purchased to join the Catch22Bus fleet and both originated from Cardiff Bus. They are 1999 registered 316 (S316SHB) and 319 (S319SHB). The pair were withdrawn by Cardiff Bus in September 2014 and were sold to Webbers Coaches of Bodmin, Cornwall for a local bus service contract. However, due to their long length they proved unsuitable for some of the tight Cornish roads on the route and both were withdrawn, although not before 319 had been resprayed in Webber's all-cream fleet livery. They were replaced by MPD Dart acquired from Cardiff Bus, 177 (X177CTG) which is related to our own example from the batch, 186.
The two 11.metre "Super Pointer Darts" were collected this week, with 316 (partially rubbed down for respray) taken direct to the West Midlands for painting in Catch22 colours whilst 319 has been brought direct to Blackpool for the time being. Both 316 & 319 are intended for summer use only.
In other fleet news, ex-EYMS 466 has arrived in Blackpool following repaint and now awaits MoT preparation and test pass before it enters service.
Cream painted 319 at Webbers Coaches next to 316.

316 had been prepared to respray into Webber's cream livery before it was decided to dispose of the pair and replace with MPDs better suited to the tight turns and country lanes that typify many rural Cornwall bus services.

Dennis Dart MPD 177 was acquired from Cardiff Bus by Webbers in January to replace the 11m SPDs and this has entered service on the Bodmin contract in Cardiff Bus livery.